Strawberry PopTart BlowTorch

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We set out to reproduce the standard Strawberry PopTart BlowTorch experiment as performed by Patrick R. Michaud. However, we decided to go beyond the first experiment and use a double-barrel toaster (with two PopTarts, instead of one), and to use PopTarts with sprinkles.

This was first suggested in jest by Dave Lennert but then our decisive leader, Gary Fielland, decided to commit resources to the project. Steve Paquin was our most excellent photographer, while A.C. Birdsong manned the fire extinguisher and kept us all alive. Dave loaded the PopTarts and plugged it in.

After plug-in, a disgusting burning aroma began to fill the room. (We were yet to learn the true meaning of "disgusting aroma".) It was 4 minutes 42 seconds until the first flames appeared. The flames reached the expected 18 inches in height and, after basking in the cheery glow amidst ooo's and aaahh's, the fire extinguisher was applied. This caused a lot of really foul smoke which resulted in the room being quickly evacuated by all but the most faithful and stupid. A.C. remained to mop the floor. (He falls into the "faithful" category.) The results were summarized in email and future experiments were envisioned.

Dr. Science eat your heart out.